19.02.2021 BIG PICTURE BASICS ★ Online-Workshop ★ 1 day
REACHING YOUR GOAL MORE EASILY WITH VISUALIZATION. Learn to write & paint step by step on the flipchart and pinboard for workshop, training & meeting. Online live course for hurried beginners.

When exactly?
10-17 o'clock
What exactly?
This course is my basic course in Visualization and is aimed at beginners in the wonderful world of pictorial language. In just one day you will lay the foundation for effective, simple and sustainable communication. After this course you will have learned the basic tools and will know how to get to the heart of abstract things.

For whom?
Trainers, moderators, facilitators, coaches, consultants & consultants, team/project leaders& executives, presenters of all areas & industries

Desire for pens, markers and drawing

Internet/WLAN connection

Notebook with camera and microphone

You have your Creative-Box with the working materials at hand.

You will receive the working materials by mail before the course. Your Creative-Box with paper, pens and markers is yours, so that you can continue to visualize not only during but also after the course.

Visualization in practice, for practice

Principles & basic tools of visualization

Materials science

Think big: No fear of white space!

Font & Lettering in a different way

Basic shapes, objects, symbols & figures

Layout & composition

Many practical exercises

6 participants max.

Video conference:
The online workshops are interactive online trainings and are live conducted with ZOOM. This means that I moderate the session and lead live through the course. I show my drawings step by step over 2 cameras and you just join in. You can always ask questions, hold your pictures in the camera and get feedback. It's almost as if me and the other participants are standing next to you. Everyone is practically sitting in the 1st row!

You can join in from anywhere . All you need is a stable Internet connection/WLAN and a computer with a built-in camera and microphone to connect to the online course.

The invitation link to the ZOOM meeting will be sent to you after payment has been received.
5 spots left
500.00 €
plus VAT 95.00 € = 595.00 €
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