The ROCKETPICS shop is open and offers creative services for the design of corporate communications, presentations, blogs and social media.

Digital assortment:

an extensive library of hand-drawn digital illustrations

visuals of different Illustrators on different topics

for download as high resolution PNGs and/or vector based PDFs

available individually or as a subject bundle

Analog assortment for Creatives:

visual templates for your training or workshop


stylish bags for storing pens and workshop utensils

art prints of works of our artists
Why illustrations at all?

Visual language in communication makes it easier to explain, understand, learn and remember. It awakens emotions and is fun. With visual language you can tell wonderful stories. Our drawings, the ROCKETPICS visuals, are made for:

impressive presentations

fantastically designed invitations

appealing flyers

brillant handouts

fascinating posters

clear websites and many other applications

What's so special about it?

ROCKETPICS Visuals are hand-drawn digital illustrations for your corporate communications. Our unique image collections are created by different illustrators and are therefore available in different styles. The licensing is very simple: After purchase all images can be used for internal as well as external communication, unlimited in time and territory.
Exceptions: If you plan to use them in books, magazines, videos, as resale for agencies, event organizers, etc., please contact us.

The VIsuals are available exclusively in the ROCKETPICS Shop.

How does that work?

All pictures are available as transparent PNG files in a resolution of 300dpi. This is thick enough for inclusion in presentations, handouts or websites. In addition, most illustrations are also available as vector-based PDF graphics and are therefore suitable for large-format prints such as posters, roll-ups or banners. Simply select, buy, download.
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