Usage & Licences
The terms described herein apply to the use of the DIGITAL products of ROCKETPICS.

By the legal acquisition of a picture (here also mentioned as "pic", "picture", "illustration", "image", "visual" or "visualization") the buyer (here also mentioned as "user") acquires the simple right to use this picture for commercial as well as private purposes, temporally and spatially unlimited. The license fees are due once per download. Further fees do not accrue. You agree to the terms of use by using and downloading any content from this site.

(1) What does the price of a picture? depend on?
With the purchase / acquisition of a picture one-time license fees result.
The amount of the license fee is determined by the
Size or complexity (levels 1-6, where 1 is the lowest level, 6 the highest level),

Format (PNG or PDF) of the image and

Type of usage (BASIC or FULL license).

(2) Types of usage: What types of licenses does ROCKETPICS offer?
a. Basic license:
Unlimited in reproduction, the works purchased under the Base License may be used for private purposes such as commercial for internal and external communication, with the exception of use in videos or in large circulation media such as magazines, books, eBooks or software applications. No resale, no transfer to third parties. Possible areas of use:
in internal presentations and lectures,

in the Intranet,

in strategy papers,

in project descriptions,

in invitations for internal employees,

on giveaways for employees,

on posters / flyers / roll-ups / cards used internally

your company website,

your external presentations,

your blog (internal & external),

your social media channels,

for your trainings and training materials,

in marketing campaigns,

on giveaways for customers and partners, product packaging and the like.

b. Full license:
A full license is required to use the illustrations in videos/animations/films/explanatory films and moving images of all kinds as well as in newspapers, magazines, books, eBooks, web and mobile applications. This also applies to interested Agencies or similar companies that would like to include the Illustrations in their own products and/or resell the Illustrations to third parties.

(3) The licensed content can be used as follows:
Unlimited time - the legitimately acquired file is available to you with no time limit or expiration date.

Spatially Unlimited - means you can use the purchased files worldwide.

Combination - the purchased licenses can be combined with other/own templates as you wish.

No exclusive usage rights - the illustrations and licenses can be sold by ROCKETPICS GmbH to an unlimited number of other licensees.

(4) Restriction of use:
Regardless of the license purchased, the use of ROCKETPICS content for the following purposes is strictly prohibited:
Use in any logo or trademark

Pornographic, lewd or defamatory works

For political / radical views

A resale of the license rights to third parties

Provision of the images to third parties for a fee or free of charge, e.g. via platforms or other means of dissemination

Resale of the license rights to third parties through products such as postcards, posters, templates, T-shirts, prints in various designs.

(5) Intellectual property & authorship representation:
Unless otherwise stated, ROCKETPICS GmbH and/or the respective illustrators are and remain the owners of the licensed content.

When using the illustrations, it must be ensured that the copyright designation "Images: ©" is clearly legible in a general source reference that can be assigned to the respective use (e.g. under the image, in the legend, at the end of a presentation, in the footer, in the imprint of a homepage, etc.).

In the case of a editorial use, a clearly recognizable note "Image: ©" must also be made.

(6) Rights of use of licenses:
a. These are exclusively available to the recipient mentioned in the invoice. They may not be transferred, nor may the acquired rights be sublicensed to third parties.
b. For the creation of the end products, such as print jobs, these may be passed on to the data to the appropriate trades.
c. License rights cannot be transferred.

(7) Licensee:
The Licensee for this Agreement is determined by your billing address and is the individual or company specified on your invoice.

(8) Termination/Cancellation/Withdrawal/Revocation:
No separate termination or withdrawal from the license rights is required, as no subscriptions or the like are concluded. There is no right of withdrawal after purchase and therefore there is no right of withdrawal after the order has been placed and paid for. The order is binding and is excluded from exchange.

(9) Deletion of contents:
ROCKETPICS may, at its sole discretion, post, delete and modify Content at any time.
The already licensed contents remain unaffected by this.
If, however, the rights of third parties are affected and if these are violated and ROCKETPICS GmbH is held liable for them, ROCKETPICS GmbH can demand that you immediately delete the content used. Any costs incurred must be borne by the user himself. Please note that all copies and other reproductions already made must also be deleted.
Of course, ROCKETPICS GmbH will provide you with replacement content of similar quality free of charge, which will be selected by ROCKETPICS GmbH at its own economic discretion.

(10) Backup:
The buyer is solely responsible for the secure storage of the data. In the event of a loss - for whatever reason - a new purchase of the license rights is necessary.

(11) Warranty:
ROCKETPICS GmbH warrants to the best of its knowledge and belief that its work results in Germany and the EU are free from third party intellectual property rights and other rights that would interfere with or exclude contractual use. ROCKETPICS shall ensure that it acquires any rights of third parties that may arise to the extent that it is possible to grant the customer comprehensive rights of use. If the acquisition of rights is not possible in the individual case to the required extent or is not reasonable for cost reasons, the customer must be informed of this in writing in advance.

(12) Exclusion of warranty:
Despite extensive efforts and examination, ROCKETPICS GmbH does not assume any liability for the correctness of the deposited metadata, picture titles and picture captions and picture descriptions.
ROCKETPICS GmbH does not assume any warranty for quality or suitability for a particular purpose. In addition, there is neither a guarantee nor a warranty that the use of the images is uninterrupted or even error-free possible.

(13) Limitation of Liability and Indemnification:
As a user, you agree to indemnify ROCKETPICS GmbH and its affiliated business partners, suppliers and artists against all claims for damages, liabilities and costs, and to bear all costs, including attorneys' fees and court costs, and to indemnify the aforementioned companies and persons against all liabilities incurred by you as a user.
In return, ROCKETPICS GmbH undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless you from and against any and all liability, provided that such use is made in accordance with the agreement and the terms of use of ROCKETPICS GmbH.
This indemnity shall not apply if claims for damages or costs have been incurred due to changes caused by you. Deliberately or unconsciously. Further, if you continue to use any Content in spite of notice and knowledge that such Content has been claimed for infringement of third party rights, you will not be indemnified.

(14) General Provisions:
Severability Clause

If any provision or provisions of this Agreement are found to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in whole or in part, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby. Such terms will be modified only to the extent necessary to make them enforceable.
Waiver. No act of either party other than an express written waiver shall be construed as a waiver of any provision of this Agreement.
Completeness Clause

Provisions of this Agreement may not be added to or removed from this Agreement unless such change is made in writing and accepted by both parties in writing or electronically executed by ROCKETPICS GmbH and subsequently accepted by you in writing. In the event of any conflict between the terms of this Agreement and the terms of any Purchase Order submitted by you, the terms of this Agreement shall prevail.

Messages that must be sent to ROCKETPICS GmbH under this Agreement must be sent by e-mail to . All notifications to you will be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address provided when ordering.
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