December 3, 2018
Brand Design with Illustrations
Standing out from the crowd

The fast-moving nature of products is picking up speed more and more, globalization is not only creating more variety, but above all a mass of products.

A finding from brain research: 90% of consumer decisions are made unconsciously. A consumer is confronted with several thousand advertising messages every day.

So how do you draw the consumer's attention to a brand? The answer: with emotions! Gut decisions often lead to a purchase.
Advertising and creative agencies have long recognized it: With illustrations, brand design and advertising media can be designed excitingly well and emotionally - and stand out from the crowd.

Illustrations are used in packaging, advertising, web design and corporate communication. In the smallest of spaces, illustrations can be used to tell stories that stimulate the imagination and remain in the mind.

Illustrations are a very modern and attractive way to set a brand apart from other brands and to promote awareness. The connection to the brand can be established immediately through a high recognition value. The very specific appeal of hand-drawn illustrations works perfectly as an emotion carrier (and eye-catcher). Hand-drawn illustrations are particularly individual because no two drawing styles are the same.

Illustrations can be more easily modified than photos and further developed for use on different media: Packaging, posters, catalogues, websites, animated trailers - everything is possible.

When companies invite people to events, they increasingly use illustrations. The illustration becomes part of the event. Elements from illustrations can be varied again and again and ensure recognition value on temporary or permanent media.

The trend towards illustration has long since arrived in the F&B industry: Just think of the beautiful illustrations on the "Sonnentor" products!
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