Visual Histamine Guide
Many people nowadays struggle with reddened skin, swollen mucous membranes or discomfort. It has many faces, a histamine intolerance. The correct diagnosis is often not made, the symptoms are all too often equated with an allergy and treated incorrectly.

But what is histamine actually? What is it good for? What to do in case of histamine intolerance? This is shown in the video of nutrition expert, coach, moderator, author and YouTuberin
Andrea Sokol
in a special
Histamin Video

From our close cooperation the illustrated
Histamin Guide
was created! It shows:

Causes & triggers of a histamine intolerance

Affected persons & symptoms

recommended foods

food and foodstuffs to be avoided

Tips for a healthier everyday life
Illustrated Histamine Guide
Download your guide free of charge via the following link! So it will serve as a reminder for your next purchase and nutrition planning.
Visual Histamine Guide
Download your Histamine Guide here (13.72M)
Special: Picture sets
The illustrations from the Histamine Guide are also available as digital images for download in 2 sets:



Like all ROCKETPICS, they are available for a one-time license fee and can be used for an unlimited period of time and space, e.g. for the presentation of recipes, use in social media, on websites and much more. The pictures are of course also available separately. Hooray!
Picture Set OHLALA
Picture Set SOLALA
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