Alles sauber...oder was?!
My cleaning guide for body, household and environment
by Andrea Sokol, Oh Lala & So Lala

Hardcover edition: 184 pages
Size: Größe: 23,5 x 18,5 x 1,7 cm
Publisher: Knaur Balance
Illustrations: Manuela Kordel, ROCKETPICS
Language: German

A really clean thing: Clean & care in a soothing way.

In her new guidebook, charismatic green lifestyle influencer Andrea Sokol shows how everything gets sparkling clean in an eco-friendly way: Body, living spaces, garden, pets, conscience...

Thinking in cycles: How conventional products affect the environment and health

How to make healthy, ecological body care and cleaning products yourself

More than 100 practical tips and tricks for sustainable detoxification, care, cleaning and regeneration.

With her unmistakable funny way of talking about the banal things of everyday life and with beautiful pictures, the OH LALA & SO LALA coach makes you want to clean your body and life more consciously.
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