COVER STORY 24 Months (English)
The COVER STORY template serves to look ahead and - ideally in a group of 3-6 people - to create a common vision. The period considered is 24 months in the future, which means that what will be in a year from today will be worked out.

In concrete terms, the group members work out in which magazine or in which magazine/newspaper how they and their successes are reported: what the title page looks like, who says what about them, which articles there are to read and pictures to see, which common values were decisive, how the cooperation looked like, etc.

It is advisable to provide the working groups with plenty of material for their creative work in addition to markers and post-its: Magazines, magazines, newspapers, postcards, photos, scissors, glue - the more the better!

In addition, it is advisable to give the exercise a time frame of 60-90 minutes for introduction, creative process and presentation and reflection in plenary.

The template can be used for individual development or in the group process.

Size: approx. 150 (H) x 112 (W) cm (standard pinboard size)

Material: Paper

Use: Writable with markers

Recommendation: use of many different materials to support the agile work process

Language: English
availability: Will be produced to order.
approx. 1 week
89.00 €
plus VAT 16.91 € = 105.91 €
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