Your guide to clean food

Concept & content by Andrea Sokol, Oh Lala & So Lala

Illustrations by Manuela Kordel, ROCKETPICS

50 recipes

114 pages paperback, printed on recycled paper

This magazine gives you lots of inspiration to rediscover food. What does clean food mean? Why is this form of nutrition so important and why will it become increasingly important in the coming years? Once we know how our food is produced today and what it contains, it quickly becomes clear.

This magazine is a guide to finding our way through the oversupply of food. What really nourishes us and what makes us feel full only for a short time?

For more zest and joy in our kitchens, on plates and in our lives. A modern, well thought-out, clean and very simple diet not only has many positive effects on us and our personal well-being, but also on our environment.
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