ROCKETPICS offers useful, stylish gear that make your life as a creative mind more convenient and beautiful. In addition we will offer a vast library with hand-drawn digital illustrations for your company communication, going live in November 2018.

For personalities who...
work with other personalities

love beauty in life

emphasize quality & sustainability

love design & hand-made items

want to underline their own image and life style.

Soul Gear by Hillmann accompanies creative minds such as visual facilitators or graphic recorders as well as trainers, moderators, consultants or coaches. Soul Gear is available as Soul Bag and Soul Clutch. All products benefit from an aesthetic as well as functional design and high sustainability. Handcrafted with love, passion & attention to details. Exclusively available in the ROCKETPICS Shop. Orders via

High quality designer fabric, e.g. from Designers Guild (United Kingdom) or Engholm (Denmark)

Waterproof inner fabric (oilcloth)

Fold-away bags

Easy handling and packaging through extreme flat design

Big holding capacity for your own material

Designed in Switzerland

Hand-made in Germany

Every piece one of a kind
ROCKETPICS visuals are hand-drawn digital illustrations for your company communication. Our unique image collections are made by various illustrators and thus come in different styles. They are meant for impressive presentations, amazingly designed invitations, flyers, posters, websites and many more applications.

All pictures will be available as transparent PNG files in a 300dpi resolution. In addition most of them come as vector-based PDF graphics and therefore are suitable for large scale printings such as posters, rollups or banners.

We will offer the following categories:
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